Taft-ComArts PTSA is presently recruiting for the following Board positions.  We also are looking for volunteers to support PTSA committees.  All volunteers must complete a background check through Northside ISD.   Students currently enrolled at Taft High School or Communications Arts High School are exempt from completing a background check.  Thank you in advance for your consideration to volunteer your time to an exciting and worthwhile endeavor.  
 =Ideal for Student Leadership



Vice President


Preside at meetings in the absence or inability of the president to serve. Act as aide to the president. Assume responsibility for administrative details delegated by the president.  Represent the president upon request.



Plans and arranges for programs that support the Purposes of PTA. Coordinates Local PTA programs with state programs and projects.



Maintain a procedure book which includes information on activities, programs, contacts, communications, statistics and budget information.   Act as custodian of records pertinent to the history of the association.




Maintain a procedure book which includes information on activities, programs, contacts, communications, statistics and budget information. Advise the chair on parliamentary law and matters of procedure, when requested. Provide advice to the Chair.



Promotes fundraising to provide funds for the promotion of the PTA Purposes and Local PTA planned activities.  Plans fundraising events with educational, social or recreational value that reflect the high principles of the association.

Arts In Education/ Reflections


Plans and implements programs for students and parents emphasizing the many fine arts experiences that can enrich lives and encourage creativeness, stressing the need for arts in education programs in the school. Publicizes and promotes participation of students in National PTA Reflections program.


Develops programs and projects that will enhance the beauty of the school and community. Promotes environmental education, publicizes and promotes student participation in Texas PTA one World Challenge program and participates in the Texas PTA Environmental Awards.

Healthy Lifestyles


Provides programs, projects and services to promote good physical and mental attitudes, health education and illness prevention. Works with related health agencies in appropriate activities and dissemination of approved materials.

Legislative Action


Keeps Local PTA membership aware of pending state and national legislative action and involves membership in the legislative process. Informs the membership about happenings in community such as school board elections, bond elections and general elections. 




Creates a feeling of friendliness and warmth at each Local PTA meeting by providing greeters, nametags, registration sheets, refreshments and other activities as planned. Plans, when appropriate, special activities during such times as National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.

Parent Education/Programs


Promotes parent education by working with others in the community.  Provides information about and promotes programs and projects dealing with issues affecting children and youth and which help parents become more actively involved in all areas of concern.  Encourages application for the Parent Education Programming Award.

Public Relations



Submits articles and pictures regarding PTA events and issues to local media reporters and the school district public relations officer. Cooperates with other community organizations in building coalitions regarding children, youth and school-related activities.



Coordinates PTA volunteer activities in the school in cooperation with school staff. Encourages participation by parents and interested citizens in the school program through volunteerism and encourages application for the TEPSA/TASSP Parent Involvement Award.

Youth Protection



Determines local needs in developing programs and projects to help make the community safe for children and youth. Networks with community organizations and agencies that share a mutual concern.



Compiles and updates information on the Local PTA website so that parents, faculty and the community are informed about the activities of the PTA.